Full Load Benchmark

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We compared the computation efficiency for 1 job on 1 system and full load.

Test set

We used vomilenin like the previous Threadripper benchmark. Unlike the previous calculation, the level of theory was B3LYP/6-31G(d,p). 1 job 1 core, 2 GB of memory was specified, and 16 exactly the same input files were created. We wrote a script and submitted 16 jobs at the same time. For calculation, we used Threadripper 1950X and Intel Core i7-7700.

Result opt

Threadripper 1 job (opt)

Threadripper full load (opt)

Intel core i7-7700 1 job (opt)

Intel core i7-7700 full load (opt)

Result freq

Threadripper 1 job  (freq)

Threadripper full load (freq)

Intel core i7-7700 1 job (freq)

Intel core i7-7700 full load (freq)


For the structure optimization calculation, it was found that the computation speed per job was reduced by about 30% in threadripper when it was “full load”. On the other hand, Intel core i7-7700 was a decline of about 10%.

For Frequency calculation, It was found that the calculation speed per job decreased by about 50% in threadripper when it was “full load”, and it decreased by about 30% in core i7-7700.

If you optimize the environment, efficiency might be a little better. However, since we want to use our computation resources for research rather than benchmarking work, we will not optimize the environment anymore.

For a moment, I also compared the comparison between the two CPUs, but the comparison between these two CPUs with different number of cores and different price ranges is not very meaningful.

By the way, the price of Threadripper 1950x has fallen to $ 799 </ strong>. The performance of single thread is somewhat inferior to Intel, but I feel that it is still great cost performance!

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